Bridget Siebold

New Hendrick Market Research Analyst

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New Hendrick Market Research Analyst

Bridget Siebold recently embarked on her journey at Hendrick Manufacturing, stepping into the role of Market Research Analyst. Her educational background from Temple University's Fox School of Business, where she is set to earn a Master of Science in Market Research and Insights in December 2023, coupled with her technical proficiency in Python, Tableau, SPSS, and various other analytical tools, lays a strong foundation for her role. 

Her experience at ThermOmegaTech, where she engaged in strategic market segment planning, and at the Small Business Development Center, where she honed her consultancy skills, will prove invaluable in understanding and analyzing market trends and customer needs.

Bridget’s enthusiasm and expertise are poised to contribute immensely towards propelling Hendrick’s new product ventures to new heights, and her collaborative approach is sure to blend well with the existing teams working on market research projects in the metal industry. Bridget is excited to be working on a diverse set of opportunities to leverage her skills and knowledge at Hendrick, as she steps into this challenging and rewarding landscape.


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