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Why Work With Hendrick?

  • Architectural Metal Cladding, Perforated Patterned Metal, Profile Bar and Wedge Wire Grilles
  • Design, Engineering and Manufacturing Capabilities
  • Standard and Custom Metal Solutions for Interiors and Exteriors
  • Environmentally Responsible and Energy-Efficient Materials
  • 145 Years of Metalworking Experience


We manufacture architectural metal products from environmentally responsible materials that offer rare aesthetics, dynamic performance and energy efficiency, and subdued maintenance. Customers rely on us for a wide range of metal fabrications, such as metal cladding, architectural perforated metal, entrance grilles, sun control, tree grating, and more.

Customer Service

At Hendrick Architectural, we are dedicated to providing unparalleled customer service. Our design professionals provide solutions for architectural metal screens, architectural perforated metal panels, Profile Bar and wedge wire grilles to meet your specifications. We offer a wide selection of colors, finishes and materials — so you get the exact product you want.

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Perforated Metal Cladding for Cisco Systems Building

An Introduction to Hendrick Architectural

Hendrick is a leading architectural metal work manufacturer perforated metal products, profile bar and wedge wire grilles. We supply the highest-quality architectural metal to create visually pleasing features for public areas, residential, retail and office buildings, high-profile sites such as museums and stadiums, and more. As an architectural metal company specializing in top-of-the-line form and function, we offer the expertise and capabilities to develop successful solutions for high-profile projects, heavily trafficked areas, functional applications — and light, medium or heavy-duty constructions.

Hendrick Architecture's perforated metal satisfies both functional and aesthetic needs for architectural and other installations. We feature integrated services — design, engineering and manufacture — to ensure that you gain the benefits of Hendrick expertise and experience during every step of your project. Our architectural metal products include architectural perforated metal panels, exterior cladding (including our specially developed H-CLAD option and visually focused IMAGE-CLAD option), tree grates, architectural sun control, ventilation grates, architectural metal grating, entrance grilles, metal stair components and more.

We provide interior and exterior solutions that are both functional and decorative, focusing on high-quality materials and unique answers to the challenges facing our customers. Our products exhibit a rare aesthetic that is prized by award-winning architects and project owners alike, setting us apart as an architectural metal work manufacturer that delivers visually arresting solutions across any application, while maintaining the highest level of functional efficacy.

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