Benefits of a Wedge Wire False Bottom

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One of the main steps in the brewing process is lautering.  In simple terms, its main job is to facilitate the filtering of the mash (crushed grains) from the wort (the fermented liquid). The process is performed in a vessel called a lauter tun.

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There are many different types of false bottoms for the brewing process, but if you’re serious about brewing, getting the right equipment for the job is important.  While lautering is a straightforward process, doing it improperly can have a direct effect on the final taste of the beer.  Bad beer is money down the drain…er, lauter tun.

The main job of the false bottom is to support the mash bed and confine the grains above the floor, while allowing the liquid wort from the spent grains to flow through it.  There are different manufacturing methods of false bottoms such as perforated or slotted sheet metal.  But there are some inherent issues with these false bottoms:

  • The false bottom becomes clogged reducing flow velocity
  • Inefficient filtration that allows grains to pass the false bottom into the wort, clogging the pump that is used for recirculation or transferring the wort to the next process.
  • The false bottom becomes bent or gets moved out of position, allowing mash to pass with the wort

Wedge wire false bottoms are manufactured in a unique way. The wires are V-shaped, with the wider end at the top, providing exceptional support for the mash bed.  As the wire narrows toward the bottom (effectively providing a greater open area) it allows more wort to pass. During wedge wire manufacturing, parallel support rods are welded to the wire.  This leaves only two contact points on the wire, which reduces clogging. Plus, the smooth, flat surface of the wire makes cleaning easy.

There are multiple benefits of using a false bottom made from wedge wire. The benefits provide an excellent alternative to resolve the known issues that are inherent to other materials:

  • Higher open area with precise slot sizes, providing superior wort flow rates
  • Higher mechanical strength to support the grain better
  • Better efficiency to prevent grains from trapping or clogging holes
  • Improved lautering speed

If you’re serious about your brewing, consider a wedge wire false bottom.  But take our word for it—there’s nothing false about the improvements you’ll gain. Learn more about a false bottom from Hendrick or contact us today!