Hendrick Achieves a Milestone for Loss Time

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Safety First at Hendrick: New Milestone Achieved

Hendrick Screen Company just announced a landmark milestone for completing a new record of 3,148 consecutive days without a lost time accident.  That’s almost 9 years without a loss-time event.

Throughout Hendrick’s daily manufacturing operations and especially now, during this unprecedented time of the coronavirus crisis, the health and safety of employees has remained important.  All Hendrick employees work to maintain a healthy and safe work environment, along with a dedicated volunteer safety committee that participates in a series of safety events.

As part of Hendrick’s safety program, the following steps been implemented that contributes to safety success:

  • Annual on-site forklift training
  • Forklift inspections (quarterly)
  • Overhead crane inspections (annually)
  • New employee safety orientation
  • Lockout/Tagout procedures and training
  • Lifting/rigging training
  • Training on handling hazardous materials
  • Fire extinguisher training for all employees
  • First responder program
  • Safety drills/training for fire, inclement weather and active shooters
  • Two OSHA voluntary inspection audits
  • Pre-COVID monthly safety committee meetings
  • Housekeeping inspections
  • Fire extinguisher inspections (monthly)
  • Eye wash station inspections

Implementation of and accountability for compliance to the safety program at Hendrick is self-administered.  Outside consultants supplement our safety program and assist with OSHA compliance including regular inspections and training.  HSC employees are rewarded quarterly and annually for achieving safety goals and targets. 

Per Bob McDole, Hendrick Screen General Manager, “Safety is our number one priority including the health and well-being of all of our employees.  Zero lost time accidents at Hendrick means a better work environment, cleaner facility, higher profitability, higher level of employee morale and better productivity. "We are extremely proud of this achievement and appreciate the contribution from all of our employees to make this milestone possible."

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