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  • When architects first started designing parking garages, many looked like big concrete boxes. Over the years, and as design styles evolved, many communities decided that while they needed parking garages, they didn’t necessarily want the buildings to look like a parking garage. Architects turned to perforated metal to disguise parking garages and create a facility with a unique and dynamic aesthetic.
  • Perforated metal offers architects many options and benefits as a sunshade. The hole size and pattern can change how much light is let through, and how much can be seen through the design element. With the option of being used in both horizontal and vertical formats, or as a screenwall, perforated metal sunshades provide a unique look for buildings and parking garages.
  • Perforated metal's amazing versatility is the reason it's used in industries worldwide. Made from a variety of materials, it offers unique opportunities to combine strength, functionality and decorative aesthetics.
  • When buying perforated material, there are a numerous variety of hole sizes, shapes, materials and gauges to specify. These factors can affect the production process, quality, cost and lead-time of the finished product. Make sure you get the right product for your application with these eight important tips.
  • Fish diversion screens are used in water systems throughout North America to protect fish from hydroelectric turbines, pumps, and to prevent migration into the irrigation canals.  Reliability of screen construction is important to protect marine life and meet federal, state and local fish regulations.  Strength, durability, and life-cycle dependability are important factors when deciding on the right application.
  • What does John D. Rockefeller have to do with the start of Hendrick Manufacturing in 1876? Learn more in this feature article published by IndustryWeek.