Airburst Screen Cleaning Systems

Provides Reliable and Effective Water Intake Screen Operations

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Airburst Systems for Water Intake Screens

Custom Designs to Meet Your Needs

Our Airburst cleaning system assures trouble-free, uninterrupted operation in high-debris environments or where inadequate water currents cause a buildup of sediment and organic matter on the intake screen that gradually restricts water flow. The Airburst system effectively removes the debris through a rapid release of high-pressure air.

At Hendrick Screen, the latest technology is built into our control panels so that it can be fully customized to your needs--including how often the system releases air, different types of alarm systems and overrides between automatic and manual settings.

Get assurance, reliability, and adaptability from Hendrick, including:

UL 508A Certified - Hendrick's control panels are designed to offer trouble-free, uninterrupted water intake operations. All panels that Hendrick sells are certified to UL 508A, the Standard for Industrial Control Panels. This offers a high degree of confidence that our controls are both reliable and safe.

PLC Communications - We provide different options to communicate such as dry contacts, messaging blocks and ethernet.

Timed Programming Option - Panels can be designed with a programmed internal timer adjustable to hourly, daily, or weekly.

Cost Saving Programming Software - Hendrick incorporates a third-party programmable logic controller (PLC) system which provides total management of the control panel operations to the customer. The software is easy to configure and is a free download which eliminates costs for programming and future changes. Want a specific type of controller? We can build other systems into the design, per your specifications.

Benefits of Our Water Intake Screens

As experienced water intake screen suppliers, Hendrick Screen has 40+ years of experience in designing and producing water intake and Airburst Systems. Our dedicated Airburst team will work with you to configure a system that will provide efficient, uninterrupted service--while reducing maintenance costs over the life of your water intake equipment.