Screening for Pulp & Paper Machinery

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Paper and Pulp Screening

Wedge wire and Profile Bar products are the optimal choice for separating particles during the pulp and paper filtration process. The screen design offers maximum throughput, reduces pressure drop over the screen, and makes the filters easier to clean. Hendrick produces dewatering, fiber separation and wastewater parts for both OEM and replacement markets. 

Our Pulp and Paper Screening Products

  • Liquor drainers
  • Top separator baskets
  • Chip chute screens

Benefits of Our Products

  • Maximum throughput
  • Separation efficiency
  • Fiber retention
  • Pressure drop reduction
  • Ease of cleaning

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Screens for the Pulp and Paper Industry

Profile Bar and wedge wire screens are commonly used in pulp and paper processing applications such as dewatering, wastewater treatment, pulp separation, and fiber retention and thickening to improve efficiency and recovery. 

The slotted screen design is used to prevent the pulp fibers from tangling when they drape over the screen face. Fibers freely detach from the filter during backwash and proceed down the drain, which results in the removal of more fibers, a reduction in pressure drops caused by clogs, and simplified filter cleaning.

Why Hendrick?

Experience efficient, high-performing and low-maintenance filtration with Hendrick’s pulp and paper screening solutions. By facilitating a greater throughput of material than conventional screening methods, our screen products generate increased output and profits. Used in a range of applications — from wastewater and chemical treatment processes to media retention — our reliable and durable screens are engineered and manufactured to the highest-quality standards. Let Hendrick Screen help you build the perfect pulp and paper screening solution for your unique processing specification.

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Cary P.

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