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The mining and mineral processing industries utilize screen technology to filter impurities. Profile Bars and wedge wire screens offer different comprehensive filtering options to fit most applications. Our mining screens are ideal for mining coal, ore, iron, copper, phosphate, lead, gold, bauxite, sand and gravel. Stainless steel screens are also helpful in grading, sizing and dehumidification. Wedge wires act as conveyors and filter bands over long distances during transportation. Hendrick Screen Company employs high-strength stainless steel resistant to abrasion, corrosion and clogging even in the harshest environments.

Our Mining and Aggregate Screen Products

  • Dewatering screens
  • Sieve bends/DSM screens
  • Flat panel screens
  • Vibrator screens
  • Cross-flow sieves
  • Centrifuge baskets
  • Mining trommel screens
  • Well screens

Benefits of Our Mining Screens

  • High strength/load capacity
  • Longer service life
  • High-volume separation and classification

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Screens for Mining and Aggregate Uses

Why Profile Bar or wedge wire in mining and aggregate processing? Our wear-resistant solutions, including mining vibrating screens, withstand the most abrasive materials and rigorous, corrosive processing applications. As experienced aggregate screen manufacturers, we design and engineer extremely durable screens to fit many types of OEM equipment, optimizing your filtration and separation processes. Our screens' durability reduces downtime caused by frequent replacements. They offer precision in removing impurities, leading to higher profits and reduced waste.

Applications of Stainless Steel Well Screens for Mining and Mineral Processing

Our mining well screens are helpful in various applications, such as:

  • Removing moisture in coal preparation: Moisture in coal lowers its heating value and causes freezing problems, facilitating handling issues that increase transportation costs. Hendrick's screens will maintain the quality of your coal and help reduce transit costs.
  • Purifying metals and minerals: Mining screens remove impurities during metal and mineral processing. They help satisfy purity specifications set for these products.
  • Separating particles by size: Wedge wire screens can be part of vibrating screens or sieve bend screens to separate materials by size and ensure efficient processing.
  • Filtering chemicals: Wedge wire screens filter solids from liquids in mineral processing. The stainless steel screens can withstand harsh chemicals for prolonged periods.

Why Hendrick?

In addition to manufacturing screens and helping you select the right screen for your mining and mineral processing needs, Hendrick Screen offers in-house design and engineering assistance to ensure that each customer gets the best screen solution for his or her unique application. Our Profile Bar and resistance-welded wedge wire products are of the highest quality, meet all regulatory standards as well as your specifications, and are delivered quickly.

"Extremely responsive to quotes and helping with new designs."
Oscar G.

"They deliver a quality product on time, and they are great people to deal with. First time working with Hendrick and was very impressed."

"Pricing is timely and competitive, and lead times are always good. Help in resolving issues is always top-notch."
Chuck M.

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