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Hendrick produces Profile Bar and wedge wire products for several food and beverage applications. The unique design, built with high-grade stainless steel, offers both strength and a smooth surface that minimizes clogging. This makes our food grade screen products advantageous for a diverse range of food and beverage applications, including:


  • Malting floors
  • Sugar screens and starch processing screens
  • Dewatering screens
  • Lauter tun / mash tun screens
  • Flat panel or rotary screens
  • Sieve bends


  • Meet hygienic requirements
  • Provide superior solid/liquid separation
  • Ensure excellent kilning processes
  • Minimize cross-contamination
  • Reduce plugging
  • Offer low maintenance
  • Are corrosive resistant
  • Rotary screens can be produced to accommodate water flow direction

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Food Processing Applications

Hendrick’s food grade screens are used in a wide range of applications — including filtration, extraction, dehydration, fluidized bed, absorption, sorting and sifting, solid or water separation, cleaning, rinsing, drying, sizing, recycling and transport — in the processing of meat and poultry, sugar, fruits and vegetables, and beverages. Our professionals are happy to help you determine the most effective, efficient processes and food screens for your particular needs.

Profile Bar and Wedge Wire Screens for Food Processing Applications

With their large open areas and precise gap sizes, slotted Profile Bar and wedge wire screens are ideal for separation and filtration processes in the food and beverage industry. These food safe screens are durable and long lasting, easy to clean and remain virtually free from clogging. Our food and beverage screens are manufactured in a variety of sizes, types and high-quality materials, enabling their use in sensitive areas of food and animal feed production.

Hendrick’s food gradescreens meet the needs of the food and beverage industry with their abilities to withstand pressure, effectively filter and extract, prevent plugging and simplify maintenance. Beyond that, the type of screen you use depends on the specific food or beverage you manufacture.

Types of food safe screens include flat screen panels, sieve bend panels, vibrating deck panels, centrifuges, and static or rotating cylinders. Uses for the most common types are as follows:

  • Flat Screen Panels
    Filtration, brewing (via lauter tun screens), separation, sizing, fluid bed drying, washing, vibratory screening and more
  • Sieve Bend Panels
    Processing sugar and corn (for corn starch), sizing and washing, and more
  • Cylinders and Half-Cylinders
    Liquid/solid separation, screw press applications and more

Why Hendrick?

Hendrick Screen does more than simply manufacture cutting-edge screens. We have the requisite knowledge, expertise and experience to help you improve your food processing application. We can recommend and help you design the right type of food screen for your project, including the size, shape and open area that best fits your needs and your screening equipment.

When you work with us, you get our engineering support and unparalleled customer service, as well as a quality product that is delivered on time and within budget. Hendrick is an ISO-certified company committed to delivering the highest quality. We make sure your product meets your exact specifications — or it doesn’t leave our facility.

Don’t just take our word for it. Read what our customers have to say about Hendrick Screen.

"Hendrick Screen meets my demands in a timely manner and has great follow-through. One of the best vendors I work with."
B. G.

"Sales and customer service department are great. Never had any trouble getting what I need."
S. G.

"Quick response to inquiries, accuracy of drawings, friendly service when calling and asking for a resolution."
S. A.

Interested in learning more about our food screen capabilities or which food grade screen would be best for your application? Contact our team of experts today.

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