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Precision for Industrial Filtration Equipment

When it comes to industrial filtration equipment, the filtering method is critical to the application.  Hendrick manufactures filtration screens for optimal processing of the job demands, whether it’s for separation, sorting, sizing, cleaning, drying, or transporting.   We engineer for precise flow requirements through the design of the slot opening and wire size.  Our screens provide durability for the harshest environments and extreme precision for sensitive applications.  Plus, our products provide superior clog-resistance, reducing down-time for cleaning.

Hendrick is the only manufacturer that offers two screen construction types: resistance welded wedge wire and our proprietary Profile Bar when added strength matters. Either material can be manufactured curved, flat or cylindrical.  Talk to your Hendrick sales representative about these options when discussing your application.


Industrial Applications

We provide many types of screen products to the industrial filtration industry.  Our customers use Hendrick’s screens as elements and sub-assemblies in static and dynamic systems, as filter and centrifuge segments, in screen funnels, and as industrial design elements. 

Below are some examples of how these components work within many common industrial systems:

  • Sieve, sieve-bend, run-down, or DSM screens: These stationary screens are typically used to separate solids from liquids or particles of different sizes.  They can be manufactured to various sizes, including flat or curved, to accommodate the application requirements.
  • Rotating screens: These industrial screen products use rotation to filter oversized solids. It enables large amounts of material to be processed in a relatively short time. The action of the cylinder removes unwanted materials from the flow. Vibrating rotating versions of these components can be found in applications where fine particulates and aggregates are filtered.
  • Dewatering or decanting screens: Meant to drain or separate liquids from solids, these industrial filtration screens are used for many applications. In some cases, a centrifuge is employed to spin mixtures so that heavier elements will be separated into a screen.


Benefits of Our Industrial Filtration Screens

  • Precision filtering
  • Ideal for high-temperature and high-pressure conditions
  • Optimal performance with high flow rates
  • Corrosion resistance

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Why Choose Hendrick as your Sieve Screen Manufacturer?

In addition to manufacturing industrial filtration screens, Hendrick Screen offers design and engineering assistance to ensure that each customer gets the best Profile Bar or wedge wire screen solution for his or her unique application. Our products are of the highest quality, meet all regulatory standards as well as your specifications, and are delivered quickly.

"Estimating/Customer Service departments are ALWAYS a pleasure to work with, and the turnaround for pricing is always within 24 hours of the request."
K. S.

"You make a great product and have excellent customer service. We have enjoyed working with your company."
Paul K.

When we have a problem, it gets taken care of as if we are the only customer that Hendrick has. You can't ask for more that.

Hendrick’s product quality is really good and the response for quotation is usually quick.
John R.

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