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Perforated Imaging incorporates your own graphics, images, logos, photos, or text to create one-of-a-kind single or multi-panel systems.

Perforated Imaging Process

The Perforated Imaging process begins with your graphic, image, logo, photo, or text. Our licensed software then converts it into a perforated pattern by varying the size, spacing, and density of the holes. Last, our team of expert designers refine the output model to maximize the clarity of the input graphic, image, logo, photo, or text.

Applications of Perforated Imaging

  • Interior screen walls with perforated graphics
  • Feature walls with perforated corporate logos
  • Facades with custom perforated graphics
  • Infill panels with perforated imaging
  • Custom signage with perforated imaging
  • Fencing and Gates
  • Decorative ceiling tiles

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