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Solutions for Utility Enclosures and Fencing

Utility enclosures and metal fencing are critical for keeping specific areas of your property concealed from the public. Besides significantly enhancing the appearance of your property, these enclosures are necessary for meeting particular zoning codes or local regulations. In addition, these solutions offer exceptional durability with simple maintenance to provide many years of reliable service. 

Types of Perforated Utility Enclosures and Fencing We Offer

Hendrick Architectural is an industry leader in manufacturing custom perforated metal and fabrications. Architects and project managers everywhere come to our team with their design needs, knowing that the delivered product will exceed their expectations. We provide a turnkey solution for metal enclosures and fences, whether you need to conceal trash storage, block off mechanical equipment or create a general on-site storage area. 

We can provide a high degree of customization thanks to our various metal materials and configurations, including rolling gates and swing gates with options like marine-grade keypad access, standard shackle keyed locks or general latching.

Choose from a broad range of perforation patterns for additional customization, including:

  • Diamond
  • Hexagon
  • Round
  • Slot
  • Square
  • Triangle

Product Features and Benefits

The designers at Hendrick Architectural have decades of combined experience helping clients meet their unique design requirements. We offer three pre-engineered configurations with standard options, including unlimited hole patterns and a full range of colors and finishes. Our manufacturing capabilities also enable full design customization, including incorporating company logos or graphics directly onto the metal.

When choosing Hendrick Architectural for utility enclosures and fencing, you'll experience benefits like:

  • Fast turnaround times
  • Industrial-sized framing to increase stability and safety
  • Environmentally sustainable materials
  • Easy maintenance

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Advantages of Partnering With Hendrick Architectural for Utility Enclosures

Hendrick Architectural can manufacture perforated utility enclosures and metal fencing ready for immediate implementation faster than nearly anyone in the industry. Let us know your application and the types of items you want to enclose, and we'll help you create a design, all while making a unique statement about your organization. We can handle almost any metal enclosure project, whether you need a small amount of fencing or a massive enclosure.

Our team will help you create an enclosure solution to your exact specifications. We can deliver what you want in an environmentally sustainable, long-lasting, all-aluminum system. Our position as a leader in the architectural metal industry means we can design and fabricate a wide selection of products to suit your enclosure, fence and other architectural needs.

If you're considering a custom enclosure to help your organization stand out, Hendrick Architectural has the capabilities and expertise to bring your vision to life.

Discover More With Hendrick Architectural

Discover More With Hendrick Architectural

If you want to learn more about how our perforated utility enclosures and fencing can benefit your unique application, the experts at Hendrick Architectural can assist you. Our innovative design expertise, premium-grade materials and superior customer service set us apart from companies providing similar products. Contact us online or call 877-840-0881 today for a custom quote or additional information.

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