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Custom Metal Ventilation Grilles and Covers

When you design for airflow through your building, be sure to take advantage of the variety of vents and grilles available to meet functionality and decoration. Hendrick Architectural manufactures grilles and vent covers with perforated metal and Profile Bar, each offering a range of openings, pattern choices, materials, colors and finishes to ensure you get the look you want.

Our Metal Ventilation Grilles

The experts at Hendrick offer:

  • Perforated metal grille construction — endless choice of hole patterns
  • Proprietary Profile Bar construction — multiple grating profiles available
  • Grilles in a variety of design choices, dimensions and opening options
  • Unique custom ventilation grilles       
  • Highest-quality materials
  • Excellent lead times
  • Online tools for calculating open areas and previewing our styles and dimensions
  • LEED-friendly solutions; our vents and grilles contain 70 to 90 percent recycled material
  • Design and engineering assistance

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Custom Designed Ventilation Grilles

Whether your metal radiator grille design calls for simplicity, elegance or a particular historic look for a renovation, Hendrick can build the perfect product to your specifications. Do you want the grille to be a prominent design feature, to complement the décor, or to blend into its surroundings? Our capabilities allow us to construct wall ventilation grilles that turn your visions into reality — if we don’t have a pattern or style to suit your needs, we will customize one just for you. 

Hendrick can manufacture cutting-edge solutions for your:

  • Heating and air conditioning vents and registers
  • Floor ventilation grilles
  • Wall and sill grilles
  • Ceiling ventilation grilles
  • Metal radiator grilles
  • Toe-kick grilles
  • Equipment enclosures and cabinet grilles
  • Custom return air grilles
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