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Solutions for Interior and Exterior Applications

Our architectural metal cladding system, H-CLAD® — whether used to embellish new construction or refresh an existing building — makes a functional and aesthetically pleasing statement that enhances the project’s image. Hendrick Architectural helps architects navigate the complex process and bring cladding systems to life. 

The experienced designers and engineers at Hendrick Architectural work with an array of perforated metal patterns to meet our customers’ demands. We offer design assistance every step of the way. 

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Custom Architectural Metal Cladding Solutions

When you involve our designers and engineers early in the design phase, our team can develop custom metal cladding to fulfill your project’s unique needs and specifications. We offer a multitude of custom solutions, including:

Architects who work with Hendrick from start to finish can save time, avoid delays at the job site, and keep costs under control — while ensuring that their perforated metal cladding panels are aesthetically beautiful and fully functional.

Learn More About Our Architectural Metal Cladding Options

If you want to discover more about how interior and exterior cladding solutions from Hendrick Architectural can improve your building's structure and enhance its appearance, our experts can guide you. Our superior customer service, innovative designs and high-quality materials set us apart from companies offering similar products and services. Connect with us online or call 877-840-0881 today to request additional information.

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Enhance Your Building With Facade Cladding Systems

In construction projects, cladding involves covering a building's interior or exterior surface with a layer of materials to provide various aesthetic and functional benefits. Internal cladding is ideal for property owners looking to upgrade their buildings quickly, sustainably and cost-effectively. Interior cladding solutions can add character and depth to any space while delivering thermal insulating and sound-dampening properties beneficial to many commercial applications.

Selecting the best exterior enhancement for your building's facade requires the perfect balance between appearance and functionality. The building's exterior is often the first thing a visitor notices when approaching your property and is a critical factor in how they generate their perceptions and opinions. 

Metal cladding is one of the most practical solutions for businesses because of its many advantages, including:

  • Modern design aesthetics.
  • Superior mechanical stability and strength.
  • Protection from extreme temperatures, water absorption, wind, ultraviolet (UV) light and pollution.
  • Low maintenance requirements.
  • Non-combustible properties.
  • Efficient transport to the job site and easy installation.
  • High sustainability.

LEED Credits

Architectural cladding is more than just a perforated metal facade. The system may be used to control air, heat and sunlight entering the interior and reduce noise and wind — in addition to adjusting the degree of privacy and creating a beautiful and interesting design.

Our perforated metal cladding panels may help you earn Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credits. LEED is a third-party certification program recognized worldwide for designing, constructing and operating highly sustainable buildings and neighborhoods. LEED-certified structures help save money, reduce carbon emissions, improve functionality and create healthier places for people to live, work and relax. 

A project can earn credits toward LEED certification by adhering to specific requirements that address energy, carbon, water, materials, transportation, waste, health and indoor environmental quality. The U.S. Green Building Council conducts a thorough review and verification process and awards points that correspond to one of several certification levels. 

Advantages of Choosing Hendrick Architectural for Perforated Facade Panels

Many of today's architects and general contractors partner with Hendrick Architectural to enhance interior and exterior designs with modern metal cladding systems. Clients who work with Hendrick throughout each project phase can save significant time, avoid production delays and minimize costs — while ensuring that their cladding panels are aesthetically beautiful and fully functional.

With over 145 years of metalworking experience, Hendrick Architectural is a leader in designing, manufacturing and fabricating specialty metals. Our perforated and corrugated facade panels and other products are among the sleekest and most innovative available. For decades, our team has combined vast experience, cutting-edge designs and high-quality materials to set the industry standard for metal architectural solutions. 

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