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Perforated Metal Cladding 

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Corten Steel Cladding 

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Perforated Metal Imaging 

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Perforated Metal Cladding 

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Architectural Metal Cladding 

Solutions for Interior and Exterior Applications

An architectural metal cladding system — whether used to embellish new construction or refresh an existing building — makes a functional and aesthetically pleasing statement that enhances the project’s image. Hendrick Architectural helps architects navigate the complex process and bring cladding systems to life. 

The experienced designers and engineers at Hendrick Architectural work with an array of perforated metal patterns and Profile Bar configurations to meet our customers’ demands. We offer design assistance every step of the way. 

Custom Architectural Metal Cladding Solutions

When you involve our designers and engineers early in the design phase, our team can develop custom solutions to fulfill your project’s unique needs and specifications. We offer a multitude of custom solutions, including:

  • A variety of metals, colors and finishes
  • Practically unlimited choice of hole patterns, shapes and sizes
  • Perforated Images
  • Custom painting on panels
  • Corrugated cladding
  • Corten panels
  • Laser and water jetting for one-of-a-kind designs and shapes

Architects who work with Hendrick from start to finish can save time, avoid delays at the job site, and keep costs under control — while ensuring that their metal cladding systems are aesthetically beautiful and fully functional.

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LEED Credits

Our perforated metal cladding may help you earn LEED credits. Architectural cladding is more than just a perforated metal façade. The system may be used to control air, heat and sunlight entering the interior, and reduce noise and wind — in addition to adjusting the degree of privacy and creating a beautiful and interesting design.