Flex-Bar™ Panel System

Flexibility Beyond Limitations

Flex-Bar™ is designed to adapt to any curve you can think of!

Flex Bar™  Curved Metal Bars Example

Hendrick's FLEX-BAR™ panel system offers flexibility in design and visual interest suitable for a broad variety of applications, including wall or ceiling panels, columns or any other interior or exterior application you can imagine. FLEX-BAR™ is adapted from Hendrick’s popular Profile Bar, offering the same strength with a flexible twist. It easily adapts to any curvature or decorative contour. 

For 100 square feet (or more) of aluminum or stainless-steel FLEX-BAR™, prices range from $168* per square foot to $329* per square foot. *Prices do not include framing, mounting systems or any special finishes. Contact us today at (270) 685-5138 to request a quote.

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What Are the Advantages of FLEX-BAR™?  

FLEX-BAR™ offers several unique benefits, including it's unique design that makes it easy to fit and install on most applications--especially walls that are non-linear.  Less time is needed for field measurements and installation. Bar spacing can be specified to accommodate distinct designs.  

Flex Bar Installation for Walls and Ceilings

FLEX-BAR™ Options

Besides forming itself to your exclusive curved design, there are multiple options to choose from to accomplish the look and function you want to achieve.  Three spacer options are offered: a rubber bushing in a variety of colors; stainless steel springs for tight compression; and stainless steel ball bearings for rigid applications.  Available with stainless steel or aluminum bars.  In addition, Hendrick can provide different mounting options, including our FLEX-MOUNT option to make installation a breeze. 

Material Options

  • Stainless Steel 304, 316
  • Aluminum

Profile Options

  • B9, B12, B12S, B16, T9M, T16, T24

Spacer Options

Spacers provide the flexibility and three standard options are available:

Flex Bar Rubber Spacers


  • Exterior grade 
  • Allows custom bar spacing
  • Outside diameter of bushing is approximately 3/8"
  • Assembly won't compress
  • Made with 1/8" dia. stainless steel wire rope
  • Bushing conceals wire rope

Flex Bar Spring Spacers


  • Stainless steel spring spacer
  • Allows custom bar spacing
  • Provides maximum compression
  • Made with 1/8" dia. stainless steel wire rope
  • Wire rope partially visible

Ball Bearing Spacers


  • 5/16" dia. stainless steel ball bearing
  • Bar spacing is determined by quantity of ball bearings between bars
  • Assembly won't compress
  • Most rigid system
  • Made with 1/8" dia. stainless steel wire rope
  • Ball bearings conceal wire rope

FLEX-MOUNT Mounting Systems

FLEX-BAR™ offers three mounting systems to accomodate any installation.

J-Channel Track System

J-Channel Track System

Custom Plate Standoff

Custom Plate Standoff Mounting System

Optional Flush Mount System

May be used with the Flush Mount Track System or Stand-Alone.

Optional Flush Mount System



In addition to manufacturing perforated metalprofile bar and wedge wire grill products, Hendrick offers design and engineering assistance to ensure that each product fits the customer's unique application. Our products are of the highest quality and meet all regulatory standards as well as your specifications.  We have the expertise and skill to provide outstanding solutions for prominent projects, areas with high traffic, functional applications — in all forms of interior or exterior architectural construction.

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