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Architectural Corrugated Metal Panels

Architectural corrugated metal panels are an attractive design option for perforated metal walls and ceilings. Architects looking for cost efficiency can reduce their material costs — lighter-gauge metal can be used due to the strength gained from corrugating. One example would be corrugated aluminum wall panels. 

Corrugated aluminum cladding is great for interior and exterior use on new construction or to retrofit existing buildings. Corrugated metal architecture and perforated corrugated metal sheets can be installed horizontally or vertically, increasing your design flexibility. Design options are practically limitless and corrugated metal cladding combines a sleek, open aesthetic with outstanding low-maintenance performance.

Hendrick corrugates perforated sheets in a variety of metal profiles, finishes and patterns. We also offer the design, technical assistance and fabrication services for supplying the system that attaches the corrugated metal façade to your building.

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  • Virtually endless choice of hole sizes, shapes and patterns
  • Multiple corrugation patterns/profiles available
  • Choice of materials, colors, finishes and protective coatings
  • Customization available to meet your creative designs
  • Environmentally responsible materials
  • LEED credit(s) may be earned with corrugated wall panels
  • Expert design and engineering assistance available
  • Easy installation and maintenance
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