Fully Integrated Cladding and Mounting System

The Hendrick H-CLAD line of metal cladding systems is a versatile exterior cladding and interior wall cladding solution suitable for a broad variety of applications. H-CLAD cladding system is available in three duty ratings, each aesthetically pleasing and engineered to surpass project and location specific requirements.

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What Are the Advantages of H-CLAD?

The H-CLAD advantage lies in its design as part of a true integrated cladding system: aluminum panels provide a wide range of design options, with different choices available for open area, perforation patterns, panel thickness, length and width, and multiple painting and metal finish options. H-CLAD wall cladding panels are offered in numerous standard perforation configurations for maximum efficiency, with custom configurations and hole shapes also available. Depending on the project requirements, a variety of integrated mounting options are available for heavy-, medium- or light-duty needs. This ensures total consistency, quality and efficiency across every component of your cladding system.

H-CLAD Applications

With varying options for sub-framing, perforation pattern, hole size, open area, panel thickness and more, H-CLAD is suited for serving as the metal cladding system for all types of architectural structures: office buildings, parking garage facades, multi-family residential buildings, retail locations and more. With our painting and finishing options, your wall cladding perfectly integrates with and matches the look and feel that you intend to achieve.

What Additional Benefits Does H-CLAD Offer?

Depending on the mounting strength, configuration and thickness of your wall cladding, H-CLAD can serve as much more than an aesthetic metal facade system. Hendrick’s external and internal cladding systems can provide wind protection; noise dampening; air, heat and sunlight control; and more. In fact, H-CLAD perforated metal cladding may qualify you for LEED credits, depending on your location and other factors of your structure. From parking garage facades to apartment buildings and beyond, H-CLAD should be the metal cladding system of choice for your structure. Our designers and engineers are ready to assist with any needs you may have, from the visual to the technical and logistical. For more information, contact us today.

  • Panels available in 1/8" and 3/16" thick aluminum
  • Standard panel widths of 36", 42" or 48"
  • Standard panel lengths of 72", 96" or 120"
  • Choice of 12 standard perforated patterns
  • Designed to withstand sustained winds up to 165mph
  • Concealed fastener panels
  • Finish warranties up to 20 years

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H-Clad Panel Profiles

Hendrick's H-Clad panels come in four panel profiles to choose from:

Flat Panel Profile:

Staggered and Uniform Sawtooth Profile:

Mirrored Sawtooth Profile:

H-Clad Hole Patterns & Sizes


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