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Trench Grates and Fountain Covers

When the project plan in front of you includes a trench, fountain or other water feature, there’s no need to drain your resources looking for the right company to manufacture the custom drain grates or trench grating you need. At Hendrick, we create fountain drains and trench drains that not only astound aesthetically, but also include the specific characteristics called for in your design.

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Need grating or drain covers that can bear heavy loads in high-traffic areas? We manufacture custom drain covers and grating with various load classifications. If you’re beautifying a public park or pavilion with a fountain, we can create water feature drains with SlipNot® coating to minimize the risk of foot traffic hazards. Some other options include:

  • Suitable for high-flow areas
  • Manufactured for precise tolerances
  • Manufactured using an ALGRIP® (slip-resistant) process
  • Adaptable to incorporate lighting
  • Available for long linear drainage systems or curved drainage solutions
  • ADA compliant


Whether you’re the architect working on schematics or the general contractor converting the plans into reality, you’ll appreciate our manufacturing flexibility. When the aesthetics are as important as the functionality, Hendrick is still the answer. We have solutions and decorative options that blend into the water feature or landscape, just as you envision it.


When used in industrial facilities, trench gratings can prevent debris from clogging drains and reduce the risk of workers tripping over drains. Trench grating can be found in applications ranging from roads and highways to truck docks to gas stations to swimming pools. Anywhere there are drains for large-scale operations, trench grating serves an important purpose. Call on Hendrick to manufacture custom trench drains for your project, and you also will be able to count on these advantages:

  • Wedge wire or Profile Bar construction
  • Multiple bar profiles available
  • Straight or curved applications
  • Choose material, style and finish
  • Easy-to-specify designs or full customization
  • Environmentally responsible materials
  • Dynamic performance and energy efficiency
  • Reasonable maintenance
  • Expert design assistance available


Regardless of what application a trench grating or metal drain grate serves for you, you want to be sure you’re getting the highest-quality construction from a trusted manufacturer that understands your exact needs and has a strong reputation. Hendrick has the experience and capabilities necessary to deliver the best possible results for your trench grating or drain covers.

As a leading fountain and trench cover supplier, Hendrick offers high-quality trench grates made from wedge wire or our proprietary Profile Bar. Profile Bar is manufactured using a mechanically interlocked proprietary method of construction, making it one of the strongest systems available on the market. 

No matter what your application (straight or curved) and requirements (specs and bar profiles), Hendrick has a large variety of metals, styles and dimensions to make your system function seamlessly while adding a dash of style to the surroundings. Our expertise extends to customization, too. When you choose us to provide your drain covers and/or trench grating, you’ll be working with the most experienced and accomplished drain cover manufacturer in the architectural metal world. Contact us today to learn more about how we can leverage our complete industry knowledge to help with your next project.

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