Perforated Metal Stair Risers and Treads

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Metal Stair Treads and Risers

Perforated metal panels and grilles from Hendrick Architectural are used as commercial metal stairs, stair treads and metal stair risers. Hendrick’s proprietary Profile Bar is perfect for perforated stair treads due to its unique durability and extremely flat surface. Hendrick’s perforated metal stair risers can be manufactured in a variety of patterns that complement your building’s design and provide a modern flair to its stairways. 

Architects and designers look to us for quality perforated metal stair fabrication and implementation of solutions that meet their exact specifications and dimensions. We offer metal stair risers and steel stair treads with various perforation patterns, including triangles, rectangles, circles and squares. Additionally, our team frequently provides solutions for architects who bring us their own custom designs and patterns for decorative metal stair risers.

Metal Infill Panels

Standard and custom metal infill panels give balconies and stairways a memorable open-air style, offering privacy and allowing airflow while meeting building code specifications. We work with a large variety of metals and materials, including aluminum and stainless steel. Panels are offered in perforated metal, Profile Bar and wedge wire construction for added flexibility when designing and fabricating custom infill panels. Our infill panels are available in an endless number of styles, patterns, sizes, colors and finishes to meet your aesthetic and functional demands.

Architects frequently turn to us for the high level of precision and craftsmanship they’ve come to expect from Hendrick’s engineers and fabricators.

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Advantages of Our Metal Stair Components

  • Attractive stairways and infill panels enhance the appearance of the building and the surrounding environment
  • Perforated metal products offer a variety of hole patterns
  • Customization available to meet your design
  • Environmentally responsible materials
  • Easy maintenance
  • Excellent lead times
  • Expert design and engineering assistance available
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