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Various industries use perforated metal to filter debris or liquids, ventilate appliances, separate materials, protect components and attenuate sound. Perforated metal is highly functional and visually interesting, giving it an excellent aesthetic value.

Hendrick Manufacturing can produce infinite patterns, from simple to intricate, in various shapes, sizes and materials, including aluminum and stainless steel. We also offer additional services, including degreasing, in-house cleaning, polishing and deburring. We are dedicated to providing you with top-quality products that meet your needs and specifications.

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Perforated Sheet Metal From Hendrick Manufacturing

Hendrick Manufacturing custom engineers and manufactures perforated metals and panels, and we deliver materials on time and on budget. We have over 145 years of experience, so you can trust our team to meet your needs. Working with Hendrick Manufacturing for your perforated metal needs allows you to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Unlimited patterns: From standard to intricate configurations, Hendrick Manufacturing can perforate materials with any pattern you require, meeting your exact needs.
  • Material options: You can choose from an extensive selection of materials when you work with Hendrick Manufacturing.
  • Fabricating options: We have extensive value-added fabricating options to complement our perforating capabilities.
  • Cost savings: Our speed and flexibility can keep your costs down, allowing you to receive top-quality materials while staying on budget.
  • Finishing services: We offer various surface finishing services to meet your needs.

Our Metal Perforating Capabilities

At Hendrick Manufacturing, we have the following capabilities:

  • Various metal hole shapes such as square, round, ellipse, slotted, hexagon and decorative options
  • Perforation diameters between 0.020 inches and 6 inches
  • Sheet metal punching, plasma and precision laser metal cutting services
  • Perforated material options such as copper, steel, aluminum, stainless steel and plastic
    • *Note: Not all perforations are available in all materials & thicknesses

Perforated Metal Panel Patterns

As a leader in the design, manufacturing and value-added fabrication of perforated metal products, Hendrick offers the industry's most comprehensive selection of perforated metal sheets or coils. We have hundreds of punches and high-speed perforating tools, allowing us to produce many perforated metal patterns quickly and accurately, including circular or square hole perforated metal sheets. 

If the tool is unavailable, Hendrick's in-house tooling department can build it to accommodate any custom pattern you may require for custom perforated sheet metal. What you see below represents only a small portion of the perforated metal patterns we can manufacture:


Round holes are the most popular and widely used patterns in many applications across a broad industry range, from HVAC and filtration systems to acoustic panels and agricultural equipment. With their simple shape, round patterns provide maximized open areas and increased strength-to-weight ratios. 

Round patterns also offer better structural integrity compared to other shapes. The circular shape distributes stress evenly across the perforated metal, minimizing the risk of deformation or failure under pressure. This feature makes round perforations ideal for applications where strength and durability are crucial.

In addition, round perforations provide increased visibility through the perforated metal. The circular shape allows more light to pass through the panel, making it practical for applications requiring transparency or aesthetic appeal. Round patterns are also among the most efficient to produce and, in most cases, the least expensive hole shape.


Square patterns are highly versatile because of the many different nesting possibilities. This feature is especially beneficial for applications requiring increased drainage or airflow. Like round holes, square shapes can provide excellent strength and stability depending on the chosen pattern.

The straight edges of square perforations allow for easy alignment with other components, so they are ideal for equipment with assembled components, like grills or guards on machinery or appliances. Square patterns also resist impact loads and block trespassers when spaced appropriately.


Hexagon patterns can pack together tighter to produce more open area than many round or square configurations. Hexagonal perforations allow air, light or sound to pass through the panel. They are perfect for applications where ventilation or transparency are crucial.

Depending on the layout, hexagonal shapes can distribute stress evenly across a panel, making it resistant to deformation while providing strength and stability for applications like grating or ceiling panels. Additionally, hexagonal patterns offer an aesthetically pleasing appearance with a higher open-area percentage when airflow is critical.


Slotted holes feature elongated and rectangular patterns that produce a sleek appearance while allowing optimal airflow. These linear openings work well in various configurations for applications that have specific functionality requirements, including filtration, drainage systems and ventilation. Slotted patterns are highly beneficial for directional sorting and the grating of solid objects. 

The elongated nature of slotted holes allows for a larger open area, enabling maximum passage of light, sound or air. This feature makes slotted holes desirable for applications requiring high transparency levels or optimal acoustic performance. Hendrick Manufacturing can tailor the slot length and width to specific requirements and patterns for highly precise or specialized applications.


Diamond patterns stand out over other shapes for their unique aesthetic. The repeated diamond geometries create a visually appealing pattern that makes them highly popular for architectural designs or decorative purposes. The diamond-shaped perforations also balance openness and coverage to deliver the required airflow levels, light transmission or visibility.


An ellipse's elongated and curved geometry creates unique patterns, making these configurations desirable for applications that prioritize aesthetics, like architectural facades or decorative panels. An ellipse's oval shape also allows for specific levels of airflow, light transmission or visibility, offering a combination of openness, transparency and coverage. This benefit makes ellipse patterns ideal for applications requiring a balance between functionality and visual appeal.

Additionally, ellipse patterns offer versatility in terms of customization. The ellipse size, orientation and spacing can be adjusted to meet specific requirements, allowing for tailored solutions for different applications.


Designer or ornamental patterns can create a unique and customized look for a specific product or application. These intricate and artistic designs add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the perforated metal panel, making them ideal for projects where aesthetics are critical, including architectural features, high-end furniture and interior design components.

Specialized designer patterns can offer unique functional benefits. Depending on the application's requirements and functionality, these panel patterns can be tailored to optimize airflow, light diffusion or acoustics. This capability ensures the perforated metal looks visually appealing and performs optimally in its intended function.


.075" Diameter Circle on 1" Centers

.094" Diameter Circle on .188" Centers

.125" Diameter Circle on .188" Centers

.125" x 1" Round End Slot

.156" Diameter Circle on .188" Centers

.25" Diameter Circle on .313" Centers

.25" Diameter Hexagon on .281" Centers

.375" Square on .5" Centers

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Perforated Metal Material Options

Hendrick Manufacturing's long-lasting partnerships with some of the world's top metal suppliers enable us to stock a diverse inventory of competitively priced materials. Our experts have decades of combined experience helping customers choose the most practical and effective materials for their needs. We can evaluate your project's design specifications, functionality requirements, operating environment and budget to determine an optimal solution.

Our extensive lineup of machinery and equipment — combined with our advanced manufacturing processes and precision tooling — are compatible with numerous metals in sheet or coil form, including:

  • 3003, 5052, 6061 and other common aluminum alloys.
  • Cold-rolled and hot-rolled steel.
  • G90, G60, electro-galvanized and other grades of galvanized steel.
  • 304, 316, 430 and other grades of stainless steel.
  • Additional materials like brass, copper and Monel® nickel-copper alloys.

Our Perforated Metal Sheet Processing Capabilities

Hendrick adapts the metal perforating process to meet each project's exact requirements for hole placement, materials and part shape. Plus, we can create perforated patterns with a customer's desired blank areas, margins, hole spacing and more — all to very tight tolerances.

We manufacture perforated metal from sheets or coils using electronically controlled presses. Every press has a specific working width and punches hole patterns accurately. Different machine operations can perforate materials, and each one has its manufacturing advantages.


All-across, full-width perforating is our core capability. All-across presses quickly and correctly produce the greatest number of holes per hit — up to 1,600 per stroke. All-across pressing is the fastest, most efficient and most economical perforating method.

We typically use the all-across, full-width perforating process for larger runs. Our high-speed perforating presses can punch material up to 60 inches wide in thicknesses ranging from 0.002 inches to 0.25 inches. Punch hole size dimensions range between 0.020 inches and 2.0 inches in diameter. All-across punches punch up to 600 strokes in 60 seconds, and thus thousands of holes per minute.

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Perforated Metal Applications

Many industries and applications use perforated metal sheets. Some of the most common industries that rely on perforated metal for their applications are the following:

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If you are searching for a reliable and experienced metal perforation company, consider Hendrick Manufacturing's expert fabrication capabilities. Hendrick Manufacturing has the skill and expertise necessary to deliver the best possible results for whatever you need. We offer various perforation hole sizes, shapes and patterns to create your desired appearance, strength and functionality.

With over 145 years of perforation experience, we have the skills and knowledge to help you reach your goals for any application. From custom perforated aluminum to perforated metal mesh, we can provide the materials and patterns you need. Contact Hendrick Manufacturing to learn more about our metal perforation services or request a quote.



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