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Perforated Metal Engineering and Design Services

Hendrick Design & Engineering Services

Hendrick Manufacturing offers quality design-driven assistance for all projects — from the most basic to those requiring complex and challenging solutions. Our perforated sheet design and sheet metal fabrication engineering assistance ensures that your products are functional, cost-effective, and consistent while meeting your unique needs. We collaborate closely with our customers' engineers at every stage of the product life cycle. Our services for both perforated sheet and value add designs include:

  • Prototyping and production engineering support
  • Revision control and product data management the production cycle
  • Design assistance for manufacturability/cost savings for one-time or repetitive applications
  • We accept multiple CAD file formats 


Hendrick’s engineering team has the project experience, technical expertise and manufacturing capabilities to develop a prototype that allows you to go from drawing to delivery in the shortest time possible. We accurately fabricate metal components from various materials using the most suitable processing option, while meeting your precise requirements. 


Let us know if you need perforated metal design and planning help. With our experience in virtually every industry, chances are good that we’ve worked on a project similar to yours. Our perforated panel design assistance services include:

  • Value engineering
  • Determination of design feasibility
  • Specification of tolerances and dimensions
  • Selection of the best material type, thickness and temper
  • Assembly and secondary operations (e.g., finishing)
  • Realistic lead times for tooling and manufacturing
  • Projections of current and future purchases to save time and money 

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Hendrick's engineers successfully steer your project from design through development. Working with us from start to finish keeps your project in budget and on schedule, and results in a high-quality finished product.

We undertake value engineering, which means that we optimize the manufacturing process in order to arrive at a balance between quality and cost, providing you with the best possible overall value. We often modify the original design slightly or adjust the manufacturing process — while maintaining the part's functionality, quality and durability — to save you money and time, so you get your order more quickly and at a lower cost. Hendrick always points out cost savings that can be achieved through altering the material, dimensions, gauge, finishing process and/or packaging — you get only what is needed for your application.


We have 145+ years of experience in engineering practical and cost-effective solutions for a wide range of applications — from the simple to the most complex. Using state-of-the-art machines and first-rate materials, we engineer perforated metal products that precisely suit your application. Hendrick utilizes the latest in CAD/CAM software and other advanced technology to work with your detailed design and produce your components while reducing manufacturing costs. 

We collaborate with you during every stage of product development, from concept and design to prototype and testing through redesign and manufacture. We encourage communication between sales, engineering and manufacturing professionals to ensure the success of every project. Our goal is to provide you with the highest-quality solution — one that meets your precise requirements — at a competitive price.

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