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Perforation makes products work better and it enhances their aesthetic qualities. We can produce unlimited patterns from standard to intricate configurations in a variety of shapes. We also offer in-house cleaning, degreasing, deburring and polishing services. Our goal is providing you with the highest-quality product that meets your exacting specifications.

Perf Patterns

As a leader in the design, manufacturing and fabrication of perforated metal products, Hendrick offers the widest selection of perforated metal in the industry. What you see below represents only a small portion of the perforated metal patterns we can manufacture. We have hundreds of high-speed perforating tools and punches available, allowing us to readily produce most perforated metal patterns. If the tool is not available, Hendrick’s in-house tooling department can build it to accommodate any custom pattern you may require.

Whether you need perforated aluminum, stainless steel, copper or another metal for your project, look no further than Hendrick Manufacturing.

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Popular Perforated Patterns

.075" Diameter Circle on 1" Centers

.094" Diameter Circle on .188" Centers

.125" Diameter Circle on .188" Centers

.125" x 1" Round End Slot

.156" Diameter Circle on .188" Centers

.25" Diameter Circle on .313" Centers

.25" Diameter Hexagon on .281" Centers

.375" Square on .5" Centers

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Hendrick Manufacturing specializes in on-time, on-budget delivery of custom-engineered and manufactured perforated metal. We have more than 140 years of success to show for it. Why work with Hendrick Manufacturing for your custom perforated metal needs? Here are just a few of the reasons why we can get the job done for you:

  • Unlimited patterns, from standard to intricate configurations
  • Choose from a wide array of material options
  • We have extensive value-added fabricating options to complement our perforating capabilities
  • Our speed and flexibility can keep your costs down
  • We offer a wide variety of surface finishing services to meet your needs
  • We have more than 140-plus years of metal perforating experience

Our Process Capabilities

Hendrick adapts the metal perforating process to meet the project’s exact requirements for hole placement, materials and shape of the part. Plus, we can create perforated patterns with the customer’s desired blank areas, margins, hole spacing and more — all to very tight tolerances.

Perforated metal is manufactured from sheets or coils using electronically controlled presses. Every press, each with its own working width, accurately punches hole patterns. There are different machine operations used to perforate materials, and each one has its manufacturing advantages. Hendrick offers the following options at our Pennsylvania and Illinois manufacturing facilities.

Our Metal Perforating Capabilities

  • Round, square, slotted, ellipse, hexagon and a variety of decorative patterns
  • Perforation sizes from 0.020" up to 6" in diameter
  • Punch, laser and plasma capabilities
  • Wide range of popular materials in stock; we perforate steel, copper, plastic and stainless steel

All-Across, Full-Width Perforating

This is our core capability. All-across presses are designed to quickly and correctly produce the greatest number of holes per hit — up to 1,600 per stroke, which makes this the fastest, most efficient and most economical perforating method.

The all-across, full-width perforating process is typically used for larger runs. Our high-speed perforating presses are capable of punching material up to 60" wide in thicknesses ranging from 0.002" to 0.25". Punch hole size dimensions are from 0.027" to 2.0" in diameter. All-across punches punch up to 600 strokes and thousands of holes per minute.

CNC Punching

Using various tools, we punch custom perforated metal panels made from steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, titanium, and can even do plastics and other materials to produce practically any hole pattern and blank areas where desired. Plus, CNC punching can provide value-added operations simultaneously, such as cutouts, mounting holes and notches.

This cost-effective, accurate and repeatable method is suitable for punching sheet metal in prototype, low-volume or production runs. Our 20- to 55-ton presses produce components in various widths and materials, and our high-precision equipment can meet your tight tolerances.

Laser or Plasma Cutting

Regardless of the material type or thickness, we have the versatility to produce parts with very intricate geometries and precise dimensions using our laser or plasma cutting equipment. Plus, our punch/plasma combination machine performs multiple operations that can reduce production costs.

Perforation Applications

There are many industries and applications that use perforated metal. Among them are:

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When it comes to choosing the best provider of perforated metal for your project, the choice is clear. Hendrick Manufacturing has the skill and expertise necessary to deliver the best possible results for whatever you need. For more information about our services or to request a quote, contact Hendrick Manufacturing today.

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