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Hendrick Knows How to Pack the Perfect Punch

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Hendrick's Precision CNC Punch Press 

Up to 50 tons of punching power

From high speed punching to our combo punch and laser equipment, Hendrick has the technology to deliver.   All our presses are process driven, designed to offer flexibility while saving time and cost.  We can punch a variety of features with our equipment, from basic to complex:

– Bridge lances
– Card guides 
– Clusters
– Counter bores
– Counter sinks 
– Dimples 
– Embossing
– Extrusions 
– Flanges
– Half shearing
– Knockouts 
– Knuckle hinges 
– Metal marking
– Multi-bends
– Oversized louvers 
– Radiused (curved) tabs
– Ribs
– Tapping 

Material capabilities include: aluminum (.020" to .500"); stainless steel (.020" to .250"); cold rolled steel (.020" to .375"), galvinized, aluminized, copper, and brass.  Hendrick maintains stock of popular materials.

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Why CNC Punch?

There are different machine operations that can be used to perforate materials and CNC punching is one of them. At Hendrick, low volume jobs or the need for unique patterns are ideal for this method. With our state-of-the-art equipment, turn-around is fast and economical. 

There’s a lot more we can do with our punch equipment than just perforating.  Need a dimple or notch? How about counter sinks or bores?  Embossing or extrusions? Hendrick’s CNC Punch equipment can perform a wide range of fabrication operations, whether it’s a value add to perforated material or part of manufacturing process for a formed product. 

Through the use of CAD/CAM combined with CNC technology, accuracy and efficiency are unparalleled.  It offers extremely high accuracy—at Hendrick, down to 0.004”. Since it can perform multiple operations at once, versatility and productivity is increased. 

With our extensive expertise, advanced equipment and full customization capabilities, Hendrick is the ideal resource for this and many other fabrication services. Our experience includes, stainless steel punching, aluminum punching, and steel punching among others. We can customize our services to meet your needs no matter what they are.

How the Punching Process Works

This procedure involves placing sheet metal between a punch and a die, which are typically made of hardened steel or tungsten carbide. As the machine presses down on the metal, it shears through to make a hole of a specific shape and size. This technique may also be used to create embossed patterns or dimples in applications where the materials are not completely punctured.

Carbondale, PA Punching Equipment

  • (3) Trumpf 5000-1600 CNC Punch
    25-Ton, 60" x 120" table
  • Trumpf 5000-1300 CNC Punch
    25-Ton, 48" x 96" table
  • Whitney 3700 ATC Punch/Plasma
    50-Ton, 65" x 120" 
  • Whitney 3400 XP Punch/Plasma
    40-Ton, 60" x 140" 
  • TP-08, 150-Ton, 60" throat. 120 spm
  • TP-13, 500-Ton, 72" throat, 90 spm

Why Hendrick Is the Right Choice

When you need custom CNC hole punching, count on us to do it right. Your project will be handled with the highest levels of quality and care to ensure the best results. If you’re ready to learn more about everything we can do, give us a call today.

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