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Perforated Metal in the Lighting Industry

Today's lighting manufacturers seek ways to reduce costs while still creating unique products in the marketplace. Perforated metal light fixtures provide a solution that combines desired appearance with functionality. Hendrick has extensive experience serving this highly cosmetic industry; in fact, we developed specific quality procedures to ensure compliance to the unique product characteristics for the commercial lighting market.

Perforated Metal Lighting Covers and Fixtures

Both functional and attractive, perforated metal is used as a diffuser. It’s used to cover light bulbs, wiring and fixtures while controlling the amount of light coming from the fixture; directing the light up, down or in another path; providing ventilation; and hiding the bare bulb while adding a bit of beauty.

How does perforated metal accomplish these functions? The size of the holes, the edge pattern, the shape of the metal and its orientation are customized to produce the desired characteristics of each light.

Hendrick has the experience, knowledge and expertise to produce unique commercial lighting metal products that are not only functional, but also beautiful. We offer design assistance, product development, prototyping, pre-production and manufacturing services to help turn your vision into reality.

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Perforated Metal Lighting Products

  • Linear lighting
  • Diffusers
  • Sconces
  • Custom lighting features

Why Hendrick?

At Hendrick, we are experts in providing the quality perforated metal products that enable your lighting to look and function exactly the way you intend. We provide our commercial lighting customers with metal sheets that they form and assemble in a variety of perforated patterns. Or, if they prefer, we fabricate fully assembled components to their specifications. Plus, we offer finishing services — paint, powder coating and anodizing — in a range of colors that match the finished product without dimming the amount of light desired. Our goal is to deliver that perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics to every customer and end user.

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