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Perforated Metal in Transportation

From conception to market, prototype to production, Hendrick supplies perforated and fabricated metal solutions for all modes of transportation, including air, sea, rail and roadways. Customers include both Fortune 500 companies and niche providers within the transportation industry; and encompass applications such as guarding, airflow, sound attenuation and cosmetic features.

Perforated Metal Products

  • Grilles
  • Muffler guards
  • Heat shields
  • Air intake/ventilation screens
  • Seat rails
  • Battery box covers
  • Muffler internals
  • Tread plate
  • Miscellaneous fabricated parts

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Perforated Metal Auto Components

Hendrick is a leading supplier of perforated metal components for the automotive industry. Our products offer security, functionality and enhanced design; they include grilles, heat shields and other perforated parts. At our QMS ISO 9001 certified facilities, we follow quality guidelines to ensure that all automotive products are precisely manufactured, finished to customers’ requirements and delivered quickly.

Why Hendrick?

Hendrick has 145+ years of metal perforating experience and a wide range of engineering, fabricating and finishing capabilities. We are committed to providing our transportation partners the highest-quality components, excellent service and support, and flexible, customized solutions that suit their unique applications. You can count on our state-of-the-art technology to improve your efficiency, maximize materials usage and produce a product precisely to your requirements.

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