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Perforated Metal for Fabricators

Hendrick maintains a wide range of materials including, but not limited to, steel, aluminum, galvanized and stainless. With our ability to manufacture everything from prototypes to large programs, we are your one-stop shop for fabrication support.

Our Capabilities

  • Standard and custom perforated patterns
  • Perforated sheets and coils in standard and a wide range of sizes
  • Samples and prototypes prior to full production
  • Diverse services, including forming, welding, laser cutting, assembly and finishing

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Perforated Metal Solutions for Fabricators

We understand the needs of sheet metal fabricators that depend on us to help them compete. We assist our customers in developing practical, cost-effective solutions that meet their unique applications, while helping them bring their products to market in a timely fashion and at a reasonable price. 

Why Hendrick?

We are proud of our lead times, which are the shortest in the industry. Hendrick has more than 145 years of metal perforating experience, the ability to perforate many materials in an array of patterns and sizes, and can provide all the finishing capabilities metal fabricators could want. We manufacture metal products from superior materials using precision machinery, so you get the highest quality perforated metal products.

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Hendrick Works for Me

“I love that I can send over an inquiry and hear back within a couple of hours. And when production schedules are tight, they always work with us to get the product here by the time we need it. Great company!”

— Andy, Food & Beverage Company

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