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Perforated Metal for the Agricultural Industry

Hendrick provides complete fabricated and perforated solutions for your agricultural equipment, including perforated grain bin flooring. Our fabricating expertise includes bending, forming, welding and assembly. We can assist in product design to optimize ease of manufacturing. Our flexible environment enables us to fulfill your requirements even during peak periods.

The Role of Perforated Metal in Agricultural Equipment

Does your off-road equipment require specialized components? Talk to Hendrick about replacement parts for all types of equipment, from harvesters and grinders to heavy-duty tractors. Our professional team has the knowledge, skills and tools to alter the grilles, hoods, access panels and grain screens to several different perforated patterns you need.

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Perforated Metal Products and Applications in Agriculture

  • Grain bin drying floors
  • Machine guarding/grilles
  • Pellet extrusion
  • Hammer mill screens
  • Sorting machines (screens and drums)
  • Threshing machine screens
  • Silo ventilation

A Look Into Grain Storage and Drying Solutions

Perforated metal offers several distinct benefits to grain businesses. By improving the aeration floors for grain bins and increasing the amount of grain stored, perforated structures help meet the needs of the world’s growing population as well as the increasing demand for ethanol production.

How does this work? Air passes continually through the perforated metal walls and floors of grain dryer and storage structures, keeping the grain fresh and allowing it to dry quickly. Removing moisture from the grain helps prevent bacterial growth, resulting in greater yields. 

Why Hendrick?

We have more than 145 years of experience in perforated metals. We know how to engineer perforated metal and fabricated metal components for the agricultural industry such as grain drying floors. We not only design and manufacture high-quality parts for all your equipment, but we deliver them on time, too.

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