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We've gathered some of our popular questions and have provided answers below. We also offer a site search to make it easy to find the information on our site.  If you have a question that you can't find an answer to, we would love to hear from you!  Please use our Request Information form or call us at 800-225-7373.

Q: Can we send our own raw material to be perforated?

Hendrick will accept a customer's raw material to perforate--both sheet or coil.  Talk to a sales rep to get more information about this service.

Q: Can you hold long term pricing for multiple releases?

Hendrick provides several flexible options including vendor managed inventory, KanBan, consignment and blanket orders are accepted.  Discuss your needs with a Hendrick sales representative.

Q: Can you perforate specialty metals material or other material types?

We can perforate virtually all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.  We've also had success with other types of materials.  If you have a special need, please contact us.

Q: Do you have a Technical Adviser?

At Hendrick, we provide a team approach to product expertise.  Our experienced sales and customer service staff are available to help our customers with most perforating and fabrication solutions.  In more complex situations, our engineering staff can assist.  We also work with our manufacturing process experts to assure that all requirements are met.  Get started on your project now!

Q: Do you offer Design for Manufacturing (DFM)?

Hendrick's engineering and manufacturing team will review your design with the goal of optimizing your design for efficient manufacturing and potential cost savings.  This starts with the requirements in the CAD file--making sure that it can be manufactured as designed.  Our team understands how metals perform when being perforated or fabricated and can make suggestions if they anticipate any perforating issues with the desired material.  Finally, they will review the tolerances to be sure they are within our standards and to ensure the part is made correctly.  Have a project in mind?  We'd love the opportunity to provide a quote!

Q: Do you perforate custom designs?

With hundreds of high-speed perforating tools available, Hendrick can readily produce most hole pattern designs.  For unique requests, our in-house tooling department can build a tool and punches to manufacture the pattern.  We can also produce custom designs with our 8kW fiber laser or our high-speed CNC punch presses.  Have a design in mind?  Call us at 800-567-7560 to get assistance with your project.

Q: Do you provide finishing such as paint, powder coat, chrome, etc?

Hendrick maintains a relationship with preferred suppliers to provide surface finishing to manufactured parts. Whether you require powder coating, chrome plating, anodizing, or silk screening, we can deliver high-quality finished components.

Visit  our finishing page for a complete list of available options and their uses.  

Q: Do you stock raw material?

 In order to provide shorter lead times and competitive pricing, Hendrick maintains a large inventory of popular materials in both sheet and coil form.   Learn more about our material options.

Q: I would like to give you a blanket order.  Can you hold finished parts for release?

When it comes to inventory management, Hendrick offers several flexible programs. From Kanban to Consignment to VMI, Hendrick can streamline your inventory to meet to meet your needs. Talk to a Hendrick sales representative to learn more.

Q: In addition to perforating, do you do other fabrication?

Hendrick offers a broad range of fabrication capabilities including bending/forming, punching, laser cutting and welding.  Fabrication can be done as standard sheet metal fabrication or as a value-add to our perforated products.  For a complete list of services visit our Fabricating page or download our Facility List.

Q: Is there a minimum quantity I have to purchase?

Hendrick does not have a minimum quantity for orders.  Have something in mind?  Contact us today.

Q: What is the lightest to heaviest gauge you can perforate?

Generally, we perforate .002" to 0.75". There are different machine operations used to perforate materials.   Our all-across high-speed perforating is capable of punching up to 0.25", our CNC punch presses go up to 0.375" and our newest 8kW laser can go up to 1.5".  Of course, these gauges are dependent on the type of material being perforated.  Need perforated metal for a project?  Let us provide a quote.  

Q: What is your standard flatness tolerance?

The standard flatness tolerance is dependant on the material and its thickness. Hendrick has developed a technical resource that explains flatness and defines the standards. Download standard.

Q: What is your standard lead time?

Standard delivery is 2-3 weeks from print approval.  Exceptions may occur due to the complexity of your product or delivery quantity.  If there is an exception, Hendrick would discuss this with you during the quoting stage of your order.  Contact us today for your perforation / fabrication needs.

Q: What kind of lubrications are used in your perforating process? Will the material be oil-free when delivered?

Our all-across, high-speed perforating requires lubrication during the manufacturing process.  The type of lubrication varies, based on the material.  If lubrication is a concern, please discuss this with your sales person. 

Hendrick does offer in-house spray degreasing to clean residual lubricants.  This is especially useful when the material will undergo further finishing treatment such as powder coating.  Be sure to discuss your requirements during the quoting process.

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