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Perforated Metal for Hammer / Powder Mills

Hendrick features extensive industry expertise in manufacturing perforated metal processing screens for hammer mills and powder mills. With a broad range of perforated metal screen types available, we are able to manufacture to your needs for any aspect of a screen: hole size, shape, configuration, spacing and more — for top performance, quality, and efficiency in sizing and separating bulk products.

Hammer mill screens and powder mill screens are used to process numerous types of materials — including grains, powders and resins — as well as synthetic fibers and fillers, all with differing requirements in size, shape and other physical properties. A versatile manufacturer like Hendrick — experienced in working with a vast array of clients across industries, materials and requirements — is a key part of your success in procuring exactly the correct perforated metal milling screen for you.

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Why Choose Perforated Metal?

Perforated metal is the process of choice when flexibility, versatility and custom-tailored manufacturing are required for your hammer mill screens. Other types of processes, such as expanded metal or wire mesh, are more limited in the shape, size and type of hole that can be produced in the base metal — and are then more limited in the filtering functionality that they can provide. However, perforated metal is able to offer far more customization options to meet a wide cross-section of needs with maximum efficiency.

We offer the ability to fabricate round holes as small as .020 inches in diameter to accommodate miniscule particle sizes, with custom sizing options from that point or larger. In addition to round holes, we are able to efficiently provide milling screens in square, slotted, and herringbone hole shapes and patterns — delivering a sorting and filtering solution for materials of widely varying processed shapes and sizes. We are able to efficiently produce screens for conventional processes, while also being able to work with you to meet the needs of even the most difficult applications.

Our available fabrication processes include rolling, forming and welding. We are also easily able to add mounting holes as needed for fast and hassle-free assembly with your existing equipment. By providing a “one-stop” solution for your perforated metal screen, we are able to offer the most confident assurance of quality and performance in all aspects of the finished product.

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With over 145 years of metal perforating experience, we are eager to discuss your needs and our solutions with you. We pride ourselves on offering favorable lead times, dedicated service, broad expertise and unparalleled quality. Contact us or request information today.

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