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Perforated Security Screens

Public safety is a growing concern throughout the world. Keeping schools, hospitals, prisons and retail stores safe from vandalism and theft is an ongoing dilemma. Hendrick provides the solution with impenetrable metal security screens, allowing visibility through a number of perforated patterns . We have the unique capability of perforating thicker materials than other suppliers, while still adhering to the cosmetic requirements.

Perforated Metal Security Screen Products

  • Roll-up doors
  • Window guards
  • Detention screens
  • Security storage

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Perforated Security Screen Features and Benefits

Why metal security screens? These products offer physical protection from vandalism and unlawful entry, while permitting the entry of natural light and air. Metal security screens reduce solar heat by up to 50 percent.

We customize wall, window and door screens to each application and opening size, ensuring that every customer gets an aesthetically pleasing security screen that perfectly fits its environment. Powder coating offers a finish that is beautiful and weather resistant.

Why Hendrick?

Hendrick manufactures security screens that offer a high degree of physical protection, while offering comfort and maintaining an aesthetic appearance. With 145+ years of metal perforating experience and a wide range of manufacturing, engineering and finishing capabilities, we are happy to help you meet your project requirements — no matter how demanding. When you work with Hendrick, you get custom quality products, you get them quickly, and you get to enjoy our outstanding customer service.

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