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Data centers are a significant aspect of the modern world since many processes occur online or through applications. Whether you're an IT company managing databases for companies or a business handling its own data onsite, your data center design and equipment is critical to your success.

With perforated metal manufactured by Hendrick, you can create the safe yet open enclosures you need for your equipment. 

The Role of Perforated Metal in Data Centers

Perforated metal has three key benefits for data racks:

  • Ventilation: When heat is uncontrolled in a data center, the equipment can overheat and shut down altogether. When these shutdowns occur, operations can experience costly downtime and may even lose mission-critical data. Ventilation is vital to data centers, and perforated metal makes it possible to maintain the necessary airflow in these metal enclosures.
  • Cost-savings: Data centers rely on air conditioning systems to manage temperature and keep all systems functional. The added ventilation from perforated metal makes the AC more efficient and cuts down on energy costs for running the data center. With all of the energy required to make these systems functional, cost-savings at any scale are beneficial. 
  • Versatility: Perforated metal panels can be cut to size for all uses within your data center. Whether you need them for cabinet doors or floor panels, the right manufacturing partner can offer that flexibility. Additionally, perforated metal is strong enough to create stable structures alongside solid sheets of metal. When you use a combination of the two, you can expect long-lasting wear.

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Perforated Metal Products and Applications in Data Centers

Data centers require designs that offer special consideration for airflow management and accessibility. Perforated metal is the key to protecting this equipment with ventilation capabilities. It can be used for:

  • Walls and dividers
  • Cabinets and doors
  • Floor and ceiling ventilation tiles

Why Choose Hendrick?

Hendrick has 145+ of experience in metal perforation manufacturing. Our knowledgeable team and commitment to your requirements allow us to support your data center project.


At Hendrick, customization is the core of our service model. Every perforated metal panel is manufactured to your specifications to fit into your data center design. We meet your ventilation requirements with a variety of perforation patterns that allow as little or as much airflow as needed. Our manufacturing team uses environmentally responsible and energy-efficient materials to provide the sustainability and ventilation capabilities your metal panels need.

We have design, engineering and manufacturing expertise to support your project from start to finish. At every step, we maintain our intensive quality standards to deliver a final product you can trust. Once complete, your perforated metal sheets will be warp-resistant and ready to support data center operations for the long term. 

Customer Service

Hendrick Manufacturing is a family-owned business focused on building relationships with every client. We dedicate time to your project to determine the most effective design for your data center needs without a complex sales process or multiple points of contact.

Our team gives you the exact product you want and keeps you informed about every step in the process. When your product is complete and ready for shipment, you'll know right away.


We understand the importance of timelines for every operation, so we prioritize efficiency to deliver trusted products within a reasonable period of time. Our facility is equipped with an extensive selection of top-of-the-line machinery that enables us to complete your order as quickly as possible. Our high-volume capabilities also make our services more cost-effective.

Contact Hendrick for Perforated Metal 

Hendrick Manufacturing provides the customization, customer service, and efficiency your operation needs to build a data center that utilizes perforated metal. We've perfected our process and look forward to partnering with you for data rack designs.

Call us at 800-225-7373 or get in touch with us online. You can also fill out our quote form to provide information about your project.

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