Perforated Metal for Medical Equipment

A Remedy for Medical Equipment Challenges

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Perforated Metal for the Medical Market

Various medical applications require a perforated or fabricated metal part. Hendrick has been providing these types of products to this growing market for many years. Our ability to fabricate precision parts allows us to provide a more complete component that meets your stringent requirements.

Perforated Metal Products

  • Incubator trays
  • Test tube trays
  • Animal caging
  • Biomedical glove box diffusers
  • Clean room diffusers
  • Fume hoods

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Perforated Metal in the Medical Industry

Perforated stainless steel trays and tray liners, diffusers and ventilation hoods are some of the more common perforated metal products that Hendrick provides to the medical market. Our perforated metal products and equipment are durable, warp resistant and long lasting, and made to the exacting standards required by this industry. We manufacture perforated metal products that have the accuracy and strength required to stand up to rigorous applications in medical offices, laboratories and hospitals.

Why Hendrick?

Hendrick has more than 145 years of metal perforating experience, the ability to perforate many materials in an array of patterns and sizes, and the finishing capabilities required for medical equipment. Plus, our professionals understand the requirements you face, and we are ready to assist you with all your fabricating needs. Get the high-quality products you need quickly and with the excellent service our customers have come to expect from Hendrick.

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