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Perforated Metal in Filtration Applications

Hendrick supplies materials for air and liquid filtration applications. HEPA filters and fuel filter cartridges are just two examples of the many filtration applications where perforated metal is utilized. Because the flow rates of such products create incredible amounts of pressure and vibration issues, Hendrick’s solution is a number of perforated patterns that are cored to provide a solid structure, yet allowing the passing of air or liquid to the filter media. Galvanized, stainless steel and aluminum materials are most commonly used. There are literally hundreds of open area patterns available to accommodate even the most stringent requirements.

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Perforated Metal Filtration System Products

  • Pulp and paper mill screens
  • Cryogenic trays
  • Dewatering screens
  • Liquid/solid separation equipment
  • Filtration cartridges
  • Air diffusers
  • Centrifugal screens

Filtration Applications Using Perforated Metal

Hendrick creates solutions for the efficient filtering of air, liquids and solid debris.

  • Air Filtration
    Perforated metal is used in HEPA and cartridge filters to purify the air inside our homes and workplaces by trapping the small dust and dirt particles that vacuum cleaners cannot. Industrial and residential exhaust systems utilize perforated metal filters to clean the air by drawing out the harmful contaminants.
  • Liquid Filtration
    Hendrick creates a structure strong enough to handle the high pressure and vibrations caused by the rush of liquid traveling through the perforated metal filter. That’s why our products are used in the wastewater, food and beverage, dewatering and dredging, pulp and paper mill, and mining and aggregate industries to strain out unwanted and undissolved matter.
  • Solid Debris Filtration
    In addition to separating solids from liquids, perforated metal is used to filter solid debris from precision components. For example, perforated metal filters protect mechanical system parts in the appliance, automotive and agricultural machinery industries from damage due to debris.

Why Hendrick?

We offer you 145+ years of metal perforating experience; the ability to perforate many materials in a wide array of patterns using state-of-the-art equipment; and the expertise and assistance to help you with virtually any filtering application you may have. You get the high-quality products you want quickly — and with a level of customer service that is unmatched in the industry.

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