Custom Merchandising and Storage Solutions

Need perforated metal panels for your fixtures?

Whether you need a perforated metal wall panel for a gondola or perforated metal shelving for industrial storage, Hendrick’s high speed all-across perforating equipment can save you time and provide efficiency to your manufacturing process.  In addition, we also offer a full range of fabrication services that can reduce your downstream operations.

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Hendrick can provide perforated or fabricated components that are used in:

  • Retail Display Fixtures
  • Retail Metal Shelving
  • Retail Wall Displays
  • Retail Display Racks
  • Gondola Walls
  • Industrial Retail Shelving
  • Metal Pegboards
  • Hospital Storage

We offer a wide variety of material options. Contact Hendrick to discuss your project needs today.


With more than 145 years of experience in perforated metals, we have the knowledge and experience to deliver quality metal components for the retail and storage industries. Plus, our diverse range of fabrication capabilities provides you with customized solutions to meet your manufacturing needs.

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"Hendrick is very accurate with their shipping dates and ship early most of the time which is great as our customers are looking for the best delivery possible always."
S. H. 

"They provide personable customer service and responsiveness to inquiries.  For a smaller business like mine, it's very nice to have.  I'm treated as a valued customer, despite a generally modest order volume."
M. D.

"It makes me feel at ease when I received a confirmation email from my Hendrick Customer Service Rep knowing that she received my email and working on my request."
E. M.

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