Perforated Metal for Distributors

Service Is Never in Short Supply at Hendrick

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Perforated Metal for Distributors and Service Centers

Hendrick understands and appreciates the vital role that distributors and service centers play in the supply chain. With quick lead times, competitive pricing and production flexibility, we provide consistent, unwavering support to the distribution market. Perforated metal service centers across North America know they can depend on us to supply product when they need it.

What sets Hendrick apart from the competition?

  • Diverse product selection
  • Service and responsiveness to customers’ needs
  • Reliable inventory management
  • Quick quote turnaround
  • A lean manufacturing cost focus

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What Do Distributors Need?

Hendrick knows what you need to keep your customers happy. That’s why we offer a wide variety of high-quality products at fair prices; keep sufficient inventory on hand; provide exemplary service; and guarantee on-time delivery.

When you order from Hendrick, you get exactly what you need — from standard-size sheets and coils or custom sheets for a special project, to fabricated parts and components, we have it all. No matter what your customers require, Hendrick helps you meet their demands.

Value-Added Services

In addition to perforating metal that we stock, we can perforate special materials or metal sheets that you purchased previously. We have sufficient storage space to stock your finished products so we can ship them to you or to your customers when you want, saving you time and transportation costs. If you desire, our packaging professionals can even wrap and pack your finished products to your exact specifications.

Why Hendrick?

As a large supplier, Hendrick leverages our size and purchasing volume to keep prices low while maintaining an extensive inventory of raw material that ensures the availability of diverse and high-quality products. But we’re more than just a manufacturer and fabricator. We enjoy a well-earned reputation for customer service.

When you work with Hendrick, you get a partner, not just a supplier. We provide quick quotes. And our dedication to lean manufacturing processes means that you get your order quicker — packaged and delivered when, where and how you want it. We serve you better so you can focus on serving your customers better.

"They show their customer that they are the most important value to their business."
E. H., Distributor

"Hendrick provides great service, very competitive pricing and insures my orders ship on time or in most cases ahead of schedule.  Also, the guys in the shop jump through hoops when necessary to make sure my needs are met. Their overall service is greatly appreciated."
J. M., Distributor

"Hendrick's ability to expedite orders when we have a "rush" sets them apart from other competitors."
L. A., Distributor

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