When it Comes to Welding, We've Got the Right Technique

Value-Added Precision Welding Services

As a value-added service provider, Hendrick Manufacturing offers welding support for small weldments to heavy plate welding fabrications to complete your component assembly. Let Hendrick work with you to provide quality welding solutions by manufacturing your complete product under one roof.

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  • TIG
  • MIG
  • Spot
  • Stud
  • Heavy plate
  • Thin gauge
  • Most alloys, including carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum

Our full range of manufacturing welding capabilities allows us to tailor our skills to the needs of your project, and to keep finishing services for nearly any application in-house. From TIG for precision welding to MIG for larger-scale, heavy-duty operations, we are able to provide production welding finishing processes to ensure your project will maintain the critical required strength, durability and reliability. With extensive alloy welding expertise, our welding services are ideal for any combination of materials, thicknesses and functions. 

Benefits of Welding Services

Welding is a powerful yet intricate process with numerous variables and conditions that the welder must account for when choosing a method. In addition, high-quality manufacturing welding requires a great deal of precision in controlling positioning, heat and more, whether the job is carried out automatically via CNC or by hand. Professional welding solutions are able to strengthen the finished product and ensure that it meets all necessary requirements and specifications. 

Hendrick is committed to providing excellent, efficient, cost-effective manufacturing solutions, and our value-add welding services are a key part of that offering. Our in-house services produce a consistent level of quality and assistance. We work to reduce handling time and costs and increase the overall speed of your production. Contact Hendrick to learn more about our precision welding solutions and other value-add services.

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